Topic 1: Materials for Air and Water Pollution

Time: 8h30-17h, June 20, 2022
Location: Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières, Québec, Canada
8:30ChairmanProf. Phuong Nguyen-TriUQTROpening statement#N/A
8:40Keynote SpeakerSebastien GarbarinoPrimaPrima in a nutshell: Advanced Materials as a strategic sector in QuébecFRRead more
9:00Speaker 1Prof. Aymen assadiENSCRSynergistically boosting of volatile organic compounds removal via coupling a non-thermal plasma with photocatalysisENRead more
9:30Speaker 2Nemamcha Houssam-EddineUQTRCarbon quantum dots based catalysts for Bisphenol A photodegradationRead more
9:45Speaker 3Dr. Dhahri MouldiCNRSMMn(II), Co(II) and Ni(II) impregnated Al(III)-pillared clays preparation, characterization and catalytic activity in the CO oxidation reaction ENRead more
10:00Speaker 4Mahassen Ben AliCNRSMPreparation and characterization of a low cost tubular membrane for nanofiltrationENRead more
10:15Speaker 5Sali MouhamadouUniLaSalleSynthesis of piliostigma reticulatum decorated TiO2 based composite for high photocatalytic elimination of bromophenol blue: Experimental Design OptimisationENRead more
10:30Speaker 6Imen FellahENIG, PEESEHighly adsorptive and visible light responsive photoactive HDTMA@Smectite-TiO2 towards rapid removal of organic pollutants from waterENRead more
10:45Speaker 7Kawthar yahyaISSTEGAdsorption of phosphorus and fluorides using Organoclay from acid phosphogypsum leachates under dynamic conditionsENRead more
11:00Speaker 8Amel OuniFSGFInfluence of the anode materials on the electrochemical oxidation efficiency: Application to oxidative degradation of the pesticides chlorobenzeneENRead more
11:15Speaker 9Hajer MkaddemFSGSynthesis of Mg/Al CO3 layered double hydroxide and application on amoxicillin removal from aqueous mediaENRead more
12:00Tea break
13:00Poster Session
5 PostersParticipantAffiliationPoster titleLang.Abstract
Poster 1Prof. Ali ImessaoudeneU of BouiraSynthesis and evaluation of the photodecolorization performance of zeolite-supported TiO2 photocatalystENRead more
Poster 2Mohamed Aziz HajjajiCRTENDecoration of TiO2 nanotube with metallic nanoparticles for photocatalytic applications.ENRead more
Poster 3Kenza DrissiU of BELHADJ BOUCHAIBParametric study of solid-liquid extraction of Uranyl by a novel layered double hydroxide intercalated with taurinylphosphonic acid followed by UV-visible spectrometryENRead more
Poster 4Mohammed el amine zennakiU of bu Bekr Belkaidrecycling of a material, application in dye retentionENRead more
Poster 5Prof. Fatma FakhfakhFSTTraitement photocatalytique d’eaux usées par des catalyseurs à base de dioxyde de titane dopés au ferFRRead more

Topic 2: Clean Energies, Solid Waste Recovery and Conversion of Biomass

Time: 8h30-17h, June 21, 2022
Location: Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières, Québec, Canada
8:30Keynote SpeakerDr. Nhu Nang VuUQTRRapid assessment of biological activity of Ag-based antiviral coatings for the treatment of textile fabrics used in protective equipment against coronavirusENRead more
9:00Speaker 1Prof. sahar raissiU of Tunis El ManarValorization of coffee ground waste as biochar for organic polluant adsorptionENRead more
9:15Speaker 2Prof. Houria TaibiOranValorization des Dechets Plastiques dans le Beton:Effects de la Morphologie des DechetsFRRead more
9:30Speaker 3Ines BenaounISSTEGEffect of wastewater on the evolution of geotechnical properties of two natural Tunisian clays, microstructural progressENRead more
9:45Speaker 4Prof. Abdessattar HamdiISET MedeninePotential use of phosphogypsum in paving blocksFRRead more
10:00Speaker 5Dr. khaled MahmoudiCNRSMPreparation of a new porous material from olive pomace waste and its application for adsorption of dyes.ENRead more
10:15Speaker 6Tlig NejiaISSTEGSediment quality assessment and evaluation of environmental risk in Boughrara Lagoon (Southeastern Tunisia): contamination by heavy metals and its contribution to the local pollutionENRead more
10:30Speaker 7Ayad ahmed nour el islamU of kasdi merbahSimulation of vertical eddy current separator to recovery nonferrous particles from solid wasteENRead more
10:45Speaker 8Balti SamehENIG/CNRSMInvestigation of mechanical and water absorption properties of gypsum composites reinforced by different wastes .ENRead more
11:00Speaker 9Mohammed El-Said SarhaniU of laghouatHigh efficiency lead-free perovskite based solar cells compared with lead based PSCENRead more
11:15Speaker 10Mohamed Lamine BelkhirU of laghouatFirst principles study on opto-electronic under pressure effect of TiO2 as electron transport material for perovskites solar cells.ENRead more
11:30Speaker 11Mansoura SalhiENIG/CNRSMExperimental investigation of Heating rate effect on Olive Mill Solid Waste pyrolysis process by thermogravimetric analysisENRead more
11:45Speaker 12Ilyes Rezzag barakasdi merbah universityAssessment of magnetic field pollution created by submarine power cable on fish - rezzagbara.ilyes@univ-ouargla.dzFRRead more
12:00Tea break
Poster Session
13:006 PostersParticipantAffiliationPoster titleLang.Abstract
Poster 1Khaled KharratiENIGEffet du traitement chimique sur les propriétés mécaniques des fibres de LuffaFRRead more
Poster 2Kamelia DAHMANIU of Saad Dahleb de BlidaNouveau matériau composite MCP bio-sourcé pour le stockage de l’énergie thermique dans le bâtimentENRead more
Poster 3Imen HamoudaINSAT/UQTRCaractérisation du vieillissement thermique et mécanique d’un élastomère dans des réseaux de transport électriques à haute tension.FRRead more
Poster 4Dr. Khaoula MissaouiCRTENEfficient solar Water-Splitting for hydrogen production Based on a Bismuth Vanadate Photoanode Modified with metals-dopingFRRead more
Poster 5Prof. Hanene NajarFSTEnhanced photodegradation of Methyl orange and Rhodamine B in water using nano-TiO2 powder supported on USY zeoliteENRead more
Poster 6Prof. Boulbaba LouhichiISSTEGTertiary treatment of wastewater by coupling anodic oxidation processes and coagulation-flocculation processes - posterENRead more

Topic 3: Biopolymers, Bioprocess and Natural Substances

Time: 8h30-17h, June 22, 2022
Location: Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières, Québec, Canada
8:30Keynote SpeakerMostafa EesaeeUQTRBiopolymers: Recent Trends and Applications applicationsEN#N/A
9:00Speaker 1Prof. Oughlis-Hammache FadilaU of BouiraApplication d’un biopolymère en β-cyclodextrines dans l’élimination de résidus pharmaceutiques en milieu aqueux : Modélisation et optimisation FRRead more
9:15Speaker 2Yasmine KadriCNRSMHighly sensitive enzyme-free sensor based on a carbon paste electrode modified with binary zinc oxide/polyaniline nanocomposites for dopamine, ascorbic acid and uric acid sensingENRead more
9:30Speaker 3Chenni AbdenourUQTRPreparation of biodegradable water-based emulsions and dispersions of PLA for paper coating ENRead more
9:45Speaker 4Safa LadhariUQTRÉvaluation de l'activité biologique de nouveaux textiles antimicrobiens et biodégradables pour les équipements de protection individuelleFRRead more
10:00Speaker 5Marcos Antonio PolinarskiUQTRDevelopment of Chitosan-Ag formula for fabricating antimicrobial coatingsENRead more
10:15Speaker 6Imen BettaiebFSGLyophilisation de café de noyaux des dattes pour l’amélioration de ses propriétés biochimiques et ses activités biologiquesFRRead more
Speaker 7
Salma GuebebiaFSGSpray drying Microencapsulation of phenolic compounds extracted from Abelmoschus esculentus L. (okra) leaves, fruits and seeds FRRead more
10:45Speaker 8Ines El-KhemissiCRTEnTa2O5 nanotubes decorated with PbS nanoparticles by the SILAR method for the photocatalytic degradation of dyesENRead more
11:00Speaker 9Payman GhassemiUQTRThe effect of composition and molecular weights of poly (lactic acid) (PLA) on the crystallization kinetics of PLA/poly(hydroxybutyrate) (PHB) blendsENRead more
11:15Speaker 10Gilbert RomeoUQTRConception de bioadsorbants sphériques poreux à partir des dérivés du chitosane pour l’élimination de résidus pharmaceutiques en solution aqueuseFRRead more
11:30Speaker 11Amira ReguiguiFSGTotal Polyphenols Content, Lipoxygenase Inhibitory Effect, Anti-Cancer and Antioxidant Activities of Salvia aegyptiaca Aerial part extracts from TunisiaENRead more
11:45Speaker 12SOLTANI IlhamENIGDate Palm Leaves and Empty Fruit Bunches pyrolysis: bio-oils characterizationsFRRead more
12:00Tea break
13:00Poster Session
13 PostersParticipantAffiliationPoster titleLang.Abstract
Poster 1Dr. Nour ChiabENISValorization of biomolecules extracted from highly pigmented potato peels: physio-chemical characterization, biological activities and the effect of its incorporation in pastry productsENRead more
Poster 2Salhi MadihaFSGMatériaux composites à base d'argile (brique Djerid-Tunisie)FRRead more
Poster 3Abdeslem GuedriISSTEGEffect of add materials on the physical-mechanical and acoustic properties of plasterENRead more
Poster 4Massillia Ait Radi U of OranSynthèse et caractérisation de nouveaux matériaux biosourcés FRRead more
Poster 5Mohamed Majdi CherifENIGHigh-efficiency Extraction of Phenolics from Wheat Waste Biomass by Combining Deep Eutectic Solvent, Ultrasound-assisted Pretreatment and Thermal TreatmentENRead more
Poster 6Hafida Zerigui OranSynthesis of new and natural diester catalyzed by Maghnite-H+ENRead more
Poster 7Khadija Ben OthmanENIGIdentification et caractérisation des molécules bioactives de la partie aérienne de Lantana camaraFRRead more
Poster 8Ryma MerdoudU of Akli Mouhand OulhadjCaractérisation de l’huile végétale de Lentisque et formulation du savonFRRead more
Poster 9Ameni AyedCBBCNano-encapsulation of Thymus capitatus essential oil with Tunisian smectite Clay: controlled release and improved biological stability ENRead more
Poster 10Hania HamrouniISSATPhenolic profiling, antioxidant, and antibacterial activities of six medicinal plants ENRead more
Poster 11Syrine SassiCRTEnCu2O-CuO-NPs/TiO2-NTs Nanocomposites for Black Amido Staining PhotodegradationENRead more
Poster 12Amina BoudouayaU of Tahri Mohammed Biochar Features as an Organic Fertilizer ENRead more
Poster 13Meriam TirFaculté des Sciences de TunisGraines d'Eucalyptus gomphocephala source potentielle de composés bénéfiques : Analyse des composés phénoliques par LC-ESI-MS et détermination de la capacité néphroprotectriceFRRead more